Airdrop of Supplies and Equipment: Rigging Water Purification Un...

Airdrop of Supplies and Equipment: Rigging Water Purification Un...
This manual, “Airdrop of Supplies and Equipment: Rigging Water Purification Units,” provides the latest approved doctrine for rigging the following water purification units. It is written for use by all parachute riggers. A. 600-Gallons Per Hour (GPH) Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit (ROWPU): The ROWPU consists of a water purification unit and a 30-kilowatt generator mounted on a 5-ton, four wheel, cargo trailer. The ROWPU with supporting equipment weighs 21,780 pounds rigged. It is 230 inches long and 96 inches wide. Its height is 97 inches (reducible to 91 inches). B. Lightweight Water Purifier (LWP): The lightweight water purifier consists of a loading truck, ultra-filtration module, control module, high-pressure pump module, chemical injection cleaning module, reverse osmosis element module, pump module, 3-kilowatt (KW) generator, loading ramps, 1,000 gallon collapsible fabric tank (raw water and product), hose (raw water, back-wash, high-pressure and reject), pump skid cover, components of end items (COEI) box, basic issue items (BII) box, cold weather kit (CWK) 1 box, cold weather kit (CWK) 2 box, CWK 3 box and the components of end items (COEI) cable box. The total weight of the LWP is approximately 6,140 pounds.
  • Extra-firm locking mechanism to prevent spills and eliminate all gaps
  • Easy-to-grasp oversize trigger
  • Slant-D rings hold 25% more than standard round rings
  • Patented Expand-A-Pocket in back holds an additional 1/2-inch stack of paper
  • DataGuard inside pocket protects documents from ring impressions
  • $31.98