Organic Lions Mane Mushroom Capsules - Fast Acting Brain Suppleme...

Organic Lions Mane Mushroom Capsules - Fast Acting Brain Suppleme...

Organic Lions Mane Mushroom Capsules - Fast Acting Brain Supplement - Enhances Memory, Concentration, Attention and Energy - Made from 100% Real Lion's Mane Mushrooms with Bioperine - 120 Count


Give yourself a mental edge with Lion Mane Mushroom Capsules from NuVitality. Our non-GMO, filler-free water soluble extract can be added to smoothies, shakes, tea or your morning coffee to help your brain perform at it's best - naturally.

Meet The Memory Mushroom

Lion's Mane, also known as Hericium erinaceus, is one of the original super foods. This humble mushroom, a staple of traditional Chinese medicine, has been harnessed for hundreds of years for its powerful brain-boosting powers and health benefits.

Fast forward to today, Lion's Mane has been reported to help promote the growth and normal function of nerve cells, helping to support cognitive functions like memory, focus and concentration.

Our carefully crafted formula is combined with BioPerine, a patented extract which has been clinically proven to enhance bioavailability and increase absorption rates by 30% or more.

Not only that, studies have shown Lions Mane mushrooms to have a range of other health benefits including:

  • Supports cognitive health
  • Supports healthy nervous system
  • Ease symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Support the heart and circulatory system
  • Improve digestive health
  • Reduce inflammation

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Feel sharper, focused and energised. Get your NuVitality Premium Lions Mane Mushroom Pills NOW! 

  • ✅FAST ACTING FORMULA: Unlike other Lions Mane supplements, our high dose capsules are enhanced with patented BioPerine for superior bioavailability and faster absorption.
  • ✅KEEP YOUR MIND SHARP: While we can't say our capsules are the magic bullet for memory loss, studies show Lions Mane can help enhance memory, and so help to slow loss down.
  • ✅BEAT BRAIN FOG: Lion's mane stimulates nerve growth and regenerates neurons for better clarity, increased concentration and improve mental focus and alertness.
  • ✅BOOST YOUR ENERGY WITHOUT THE CRASH: This caffeine free extract with its blood sugar stabilizing benefits, helps fight fatigue to give you a natural boost all day long.
  • ✅POTENT AND PURE INGREDIENTS: Made from real lions mane mushrooms grown under the strictest USDA quality control standards. Our supplements are third party tested to guarantee purity.
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