Keratin Infused Protein Hair Serum - Premium Luxury Herbal Oils C...

-63% Keratin Infused Protein Hair Serum - Premium Luxury Herbal Oils C...

Keratin Infused Protein Hair Serum - Premium Luxury Herbal Oils Complex - Nourishes & Rejuvenates Dry Damaged Hair for All Hair Types 4.25 oz

Unique Keratin Infused Hair Serum for Dry & Damaged Hair!

Has the summer sun turned your terrific tresses into horrible hair?
Are your dryers, curlers and straighteners making a frizzy, dry mess of your beautiful locks?

You know you need help...but what? Vitamins Cosmetics has the answer to your hair woes- It's Keratin Protein. When you use those hot styling tools on your hair, or go out and fry in the sun, essential keratin is lost from within the hair shaft. The result is weak, dull, damaged hair.

With our Keratin Protein Hair Serum, this "building block" protein goes to work fast to restore dry and damaged hair to moisturized, vibrant and shiny locks. The hair serum leaves your hair clean and silky, with no oily residue left behind to weigh it down, and is free of alcohol, sulfates and paraben that alter PH and dry hair. So, now that you know how, try this Keratin Protein Hair Serum - Your hair will be SO happy!... and so will you!

Why Customers Worldwide Love This Unique Keratin Hair Serum?

Restores Balance, Moisture and Health to Damaged, Dry Hair
Unique Herbal Oils Complex Nourishes and Moisturizes Hair Shaft
Leaves Hair Clean and Silky without Heavy Residue to Weigh Hair Down
No Parabens or Sulfates. Protects Against Further Sun and Heat Damage
Professional Salon Product Now Available to Public

  • Unique Keratin Infused Protein Serum Treatment Therapy Rejuvenates Dry Hair Damaged Hair by Environment & Hair Styling Heat Products, So Your Hair Is Soft, Moisturized and Shiny
  • Professional Aqua Hair Care Serum Leaves Your Hair Clean and Silky without a Heavy, Greasy Feeling, So Your Hair Has Full Volume and Glossing Glaze Shine. Promotes Glitter, Glimmer Anti Frizz Silk Like Texture Appearance
  • Moroccan Argan Oil, Wheat Germ and Vitamin E Natural Herbal Oils Complex Nourish, Repair, Revive and Moisturize Your Hair for Brilliant Hair Shine Gloss, Optimal PH Balance & Frizz Control Best Results
  • Suitable for Both Men & Women and All Hair Types, Especially Dry Damaged and Dull Hair, Curly, Wavy or Straight. No Alcohol, Paraben Free, Sulfates & SLS Free! Great as a Gift, On Travel or At Home!
  • Boosts Your Hair Root with Hydration, Protects it Against Sun Damage, Split Ends & Hair Breakage So Your Hair Cuticles are Strong, Full of Moisture, Vital and Flexible
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