BP-Qmax Maximum Strength Prostate Supplement for Men with Saw Pal...

Out Of Stock BP-Qmax Maximum Strength Prostate Supplement for Men with Saw Pal...

BP-Qmax Maximum Strength Prostate Supplement for Men with Saw Palmetto, Beta Sitosterol, Pygeum, Pollen Extract, Digestive Enzymes, Prostate, Bladder & Urinary Tract Health - Mens Health - 120 Tablets

  • NATURAL BPH HEALTH SUPPORT – Developed in collaboration with leading urologists, the Farr Laboratories BPQ max prostate health supplements for men are a powerful combination of natural elements specially created to help men with prostate and urinary issues. Taking our prostate supplements can work as a long-term preventive treatment and improve the overall health and function of your prostate.
  • IMPROVES URINARY FUNCTION – Reduce the number of times you need to use the washroom every day to relieve yourself! Get some relief from starting and stopping trouble while taking a leak, with our BPQ max all-natural prostate health supplements for men that are designed to help you empty your bladder completely, improve urinary flow, and reduce painful urination. These prostate supplements(men) are an effective solution to manage prostate-related problems.
  • SPECIAL BLEND OF NATURAL INGREDIENTS – BPQmax is made from the finest quality natural ingredients our prostate health supplements don’t contain any extra additives or synthetic compounds that will cause harmful side effects. This phytotherapeutic blend of ingredients contains beta-sitosterol, saw palmetto, and pollen extract apart from other beneficial natural extracts.
  • CLINICALLY TESTED AND PROVEN FORMULA – Our extra strength saw palmetto supplement for prostate health is a combination of natural agents that bolster prostate health and have been scientifically tested for efficacy, which proves that these prostate health supplements(men) are effective in relieving urinary symptoms. In order to increase absorption rates, our concoction has added digestive enzymes that make BP Qmax a one-of-a-kind prostate supplement.
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