2pcs Hair Darkening Shampoo Bar - Naturally Restores Pigment Cell...

Out Of Stock 2pcs Hair Darkening Shampoo Bar - Naturally Restores Pigment Cell...

2pcs Hair Darkening Shampoo Bar - Naturally Restores Pigment Cells - Natural Organic Conditioner and Repair Essence- Shampoo Bar for All Hair Types - Perfect Travel Bar Shampoo for Hair (black)

  • Restores Natural Hair Color - Apply as your everyday normal shampoo bar and see the transformation of your gray or white hair to a young and vivid dark color again.
  • Promotes hair growth & prevent lost - Effectively prevents hair loss by promoting blood circulation of the scalp, stimulating the growth of hair follicles and binding the hair roots onto the scalp within 2 weeks while it moisturizes and repairs hair damage.
  • Moisturize and repair damaged hair - It contains herbs like fallopian multiflora to reactivate hair pigment cells Melanocytes, and ginger with natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties which keeps the scalp healthy.
  • Safe - It naturally restores pigment cells, while conditioning with 100 % organic herbs which are chemical-free. Safer compare to any traditional shampoo while bringing you a shiny & vivid hair look. It does not contain harmful content and chemicals.
  • The main ingredient Polygonum has the ability to reactivate Melanocytes pigment - producing cells in hair follicles, which promotes blood circulation of the scalps, which stimulates hair growth, resulting in improved hair growth in just a couple of weeks!Anti-Dandruff, Improve scalp itching problem .
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