Marketplace Sellers

A New Marketplace Paradigm

SearchWellness is a unique marketplace where product manufacturers, brand owners, wholesalers, distributors as well as small business sellers can take advantage of what is the simplest selling platform on the Internet. No red tape, lengthy application process or fees to pay, You don't even have to create an account and establish a lengthy profile on yet another on-line selling platform. Our process is extremely simple, your job is to provide us with a list of the products you currently own and that you are ready to ship to our customers. To keep things simple, we only take orders shipping to addresses within the United States.

We create product listing based on inventory declarations from suppliers like you. Our system activates product listings only when suppliers like you have declared product availability in one of the many ways we capture inventory information.

Intelligent Pricing

We are not asking you to provide product prices. Our system is equipped with a smart pricing engine designed to evaluate near real-time prices from multiple sources to determine the selling price. The net result is a price that is fair to both the consumer and the supplier. It will match what a buyer is willing to pay with the amount the seller is willing to accept. Unlike other marketplaces you don't have to constantly compete on price

Reverse Blind Auction

Once an order is received, our system will present it to relevant suppliers to fulfill at the price we sold it, less our modest commission. Choosing suppliers we take into account your fulfillment center proximity to the shipping destination and fulfillment speed. Our goal is to find a supplier within 6 hours of order receipt, therefore we will will add suppliers to the fulfillment queue every two hours until we receive a commitment to fulfill. This process has worked extremely well for the past few years and we normally see the same supplier filling orders for the same products. 

To learn more and find out how you can get started with SearchWellness, please use our contact us for with the Subject line: Marketplace Seller

Checking price and availability