02 Natural Deodorant Stick, Aluminum Free Deodorant, Paraben Free...

02 Natural Deodorant Stick, Aluminum Free Deodorant, Paraben Free...

02 Natural Deodorant Stick, Aluminum Free Deodorant, Paraben Free Deodorant Stick, 24-Hour Protection Underarm Deodorant (Lime and Black Spruce) - Way of Will

  • Tough Enough for Intense Workouts: Nature has incredible super powers when certain elements are combined in the right ways. That’s why Way of Will’s 02 Natural Stick Deodorant is such an effective deodorant. Use it before busy days and strenuous workouts to take advantage of all natural ingredients that keep you feeling refreshed the entire time.
  • Glides Smoothly On Underarm Skin: You’re heading out the door for work or getting into your exercise groove, and suddenly start to feel itchy or irritated armpits. No one wants that. Stay with a premium-quality deodorant stick from Way of Will, knowing that bad reactions are far less likely to happen with our cruelty-free formula that doesn’t leave residue or include harmful irritants.
  • Invigorating Natural Scents To Choose From: Our essential oil-based deodorant stick offers a cooling sensation and pleasing aromatherapy scents that are not overpowering. The uplifting formulas are infused with unique combinations, like earthy Lime + Black Spruce.
  • Safe & Effective for All Ages: Avoid questionable ingredients like sulfates, alcohol, aluminum zirconium & chlorohydrate, and parabens when there are effective natural alternatives like Way of Will 02 Deodorant Stick. We use only natural ingredients for long-lasting freshness, making it completely safe for kids and people of all ages.
  • Convenient, Reliable Deodorant Protection: You’ll be glad to tote our handy and attractive deodorant sticks along wherever you go. Tuck one into your gym bag, backpack, or desk drawer. When you need a refreshing swipe of invigorating, effective body & underarm deodorant, quickly reach for Way of Will’s natural formula. Trust our deodorant stick for powerful odor control.
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