Alpranax Herbal Relaxation and Stress Reduction Supplement -- Nat...

Alpranax Herbal Relaxation and Stress Reduction Supplement -- Nat...

Alpranax Herbal Relaxation and Stress Reduction Supplement -- Natural Stress Management Pills with Ashwagandha -- Improve Mood - Calm the Mind - Reduce Irritability & Tension - Sleep Better (45 tabs)

The Final Sigh of Relief: One Simple Step for Stress Management!

With the fast paced lifestyle that most of us live, it's no wonder we feel stressed out at sometime or another. But stress runs deeper than just a temporary emotion. It's the little details of how you feel every day. It's the sharp fear of a sudden emergency. The shortness of breath as you scramble to juggle too many responsibilities. The crushing weight of problem after problem piling up. Then there's exhaustion you're left with, day after day.

You might spend a lot of time lying awake at night going over your mistakes, worrying about tomorrow. Every day bringing your stress home with you. You might feel like you're letting people down because of this. Even letting yourself down.

Stress isn't just a mental thing. It can manifest in many physical symptoms:

►accelerated heartbeat
►restlessness & difficulty sleeping
►upset stomach
►muscle tension
►stress eating & weight gain
►poor mental function & memory lapse

But many medications can leave us feeling like zombies or dull our senses. Thankfully, Alpranax offers a safe, natural anti anxiety formula that's non habit forming & won't leave you feeling zonked out all day.

Featured ingredients include:
St John's Wort • Passion Flower • Valerian Root • Ashwagandha • GABA • L Theanine • Vitamin B Complex

This powerful blend of herbs & vitamins all work together to reduce the discomfort of anxiety & stress, replenishing lost nutrients & calming the body & mind.

Overcome the debilitating effects of stress, so you can live a happy, fulfilling life. What are you waiting for? Try Alpranax today!


  • MANAGE STRESS - extra-strength blend of botanicals & natural compounds address both the body & the mind to reduce irritability and ease tension so you can relax and focus on what's important
  • IMPROVE MOOD - natural botanicals help lift your mood to increase feelings of happiness and relaxation and reduce feelings of irritation, frustration, fear, stress and grouchiness that can interfere with your ability to focus on important tasks
  • STAY FOCUSED AND PRODUCTIVE - Alpranax won't dull the senses or leave you feeling groggy - you will instead remain alert & maintain mental clarity, while keeping within a comfortable state of calmness
  • PROMOTE EASY, RESTFUL SLEEP - elevated levels of cortisol, "the stress hormone" can interfere with your natural sleep cycle - Alpranax makes it easier to simply wind down at the end of the day, helping you get back on track with restful sleep, so you can be your best self
  • SAFE. NATURAL. NON HABIT FORMING - Alpranax fights stress the natural way - it is safe & unlike some prescription drugs, it is non-habit forming, so you don't have to worry about developing any kind of unwanted addiction
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