100% Human Hair Mannequin Head For Braiding Manikin Head For Hair...

Out Of Stock 100% Human Hair Mannequin Head For Braiding Manikin Head For Hair...

100% Human Hair Mannequin Head For Braiding Manikin Head For Hairdresser Professional Cosmetology Mannequin Head With Human Hair Auburn Brown 16 Inches (Not Included Mannequin Stand)

  • ✅ Mannequin Head Hair Material : 100% human hair, same as the quality of human hair.real hair,real feeling.Guarantee free of chemical fiber and animal hair.For beginners, high-quality products are needed for craft training. You cannot make desired styles with low-priced and low-quality products, which not only waste your money, but also consume your time, and even dampen your enthusiasm for hairdressing.
  • ✅ Mannequin Head Cut, Perm and Dye : ①Cut―the edge lines and incisions are more natural, and the perfect layers and arc will show a stronger aesthetic feeling. ②Perm― the time is closer to the actual operation,which is more conducive to the control of the perm time in practice. ③Dye―100% human hair is easier to color with fine glossiness. Our mannequin heads are guaranteed to bleach to 9N, so as to meet your needs for light colors.
  • ✅ Mannequin Head Hair Loss : Normally,there may be a slight hair loss,but it will no affect the use.
  • ✅ Mannequin Head Hair Texture : The hair texture of mannequin head is to simulate the natural growth of the human hair, so the hair will have clear texture and even-distributed density. It is more convenient to practice various hairdressing skills.
  • Warm tip: In the production process of the mannequin head, there is a process of shaving the scalp.The lice mentioned in the review are PVC residues in the production process.Our products are real human hair processed through many processes. For example: high temperature - peracid - bleaching - rinsing - drying. After so much heat treatment, there will be no lice.Don't worry!
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