ARBUTEE | Milky Extra White Brightening Acne Soap-B3 Glutathione ...

Out Of Stock ARBUTEE | Milky Extra White Brightening Acne Soap-B3 Glutathione ...

ARBUTEE | Milky Extra White Brightening Acne Soap-B3 Glutathione Alpha Arbuin- Removes dead skin cells, dark spots | Maximum Strength, SLS-free, Paraben-free(1 Bar, MilkyWhite+Mesh)

  • ✔NATURAL INGREDIENTS: A’butee natural acne soap is made from all safe and natural ingredients that have a gentle effect on your precious skin. The main ingredients of the natural soap include extra virgin coconut oil, coconut milk, lactic acid from milk, coco butter, shea butter, and vitamin E extracts.
  • ✔PERFECT SKIN TREATEMENT: A’butee natural acne soap protects your skin from sunburns, pollution, etc. and help to treat the skin ailments, sunburn, dark spots, stretch marks, black spots, and have an anti-aging effect. The all-natural soap reduces and prevents acne and has a better effect on your face skin.
  • ✔HIGHLY EFFECTIVE SKIN CARE: A’butee natural acne soap with its natural ingredients have a deep effect on your skin to keep it fresh and protected all day long. No need to have any extra skincare products when you are using it.
  • ✔DEEP MOISTURIZATIZATIO: A’butee natural acne soap provides deep moisturization and nourishment to improve your skin’s elasticity. The deep moisturization keeps your skin fresh and smooth for a long time.
  • ✔SKIN PROTECTION: A’butee natural acne soap not only protects your skin from sun and pollution but also has an exfoliating effect. The beauty soap protects your skin for early appearing signs of aging, uneven skin tone, and dark spots as well.
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