Celera Detox & Repair - Collagen + Glutathione Powder for Immune ...

Out Of Stock Celera Detox & Repair - Collagen + Glutathione Powder for Immune ...

Celera Detox & Repair - Collagen + Glutathione Powder for Immune Support - Antioxidant Drink for Detox, Skin Health, Anti-Aging & Cell Repair, Sports Performance - Coffee Flavored

  • DETOX & REPAIR: Our unique formula delivers important collagen peptides while Glutathione combats toxins in the body that attack and destroy collagen. Without our key ingredient combating harmful toxins, the collagen you take would be destroyed by the body. Glutathione detoxes the body so that collagen can work to repair your skin, muscles, & more.
  • IMMUNE SUPPORT & LIVER HEALTH: Glutathione is the most important antioxidant in the body, combating free radicals in your body. Glutathione supports the immune system by playing a central role in the proper function of white blood cells (the frontline soldiers of the immune system) by increasing their numbers.
  • HAIR, SKIN & TISSUE SUPPORT: Collagen is essential for healthy skin, muscles, and bones. Collagen can help slow down the appearance of aging by improving skin elasticity and hydration. Glutathione can also slow down the appearance of wrinkles by protecting your skin from oxidative damage, and has been used for many years as a safe & natural skin whitening method.
  • SPORTS NUTRITION: Glutathione and collagen are both key ingredients for repairing and building muscle. Glutathione supports your Cysteine levels, which is a key building block for muscle growth. Our Grass Fed Hydrolyzed Collagen is a great natural source of protein that can boost your sports performance by strengthening connective tissue and supports fast muscle recovery after workouts.
  • NATURAL COFFEE FLAVOR: No need to mix with other flavors or take with food! Our powder is naturally coffee flavored, which means you can make a delicious drink with just (hot, warm, or cold) water or milk! Can also be mixed with your favorite smoothie or shake (with or without other powders)! Just one scoop per day is enough to start doing good for your body.
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