1 Pair Bunion Splint Night,Big Toe Straightener,Hallux Valgus Cor...

Out Of Stock 1 Pair Bunion Splint Night,Big Toe Straightener,Hallux Valgus Cor...

1 Pair Bunion Splint Night,Big Toe Straightener,Hallux Valgus Corrector Bunion Relief Protector with Steel Stabilizer Bar,Addintional Loop Strap for Other Hammer Toe,Mallet Toe,Claw Toe

  • This bunion corrector brace is deisgned by orthopedists and surgeons. It’s a modern medical product for correcting deformation hallux valgus and bunion with maximum comfort and padding and moderate realignment of your bunions while sleep, aslo wear around the house during normal daily activities. It is the best toe straightener and most comfortable hallux valgus treatment splint, allows your toes and feet to move in a natural way while maintaining their alignment.
  • 2.Ideal for Hallus Valgus, Bunion & Hammer Toes, Stable Fracture for Big Toe, Post-operation Application to maintain toe alignment.This bunion splint helps to inverse Bunion,treats mild to moderate bunions preventively and postoperatively, reduce the tendency of bunion formation and prevent Hallux Valgus, also prevents the bunion deformity from getting worse.In case of post bunion surgery, stabilises the big toe in the correct position to maintain alignment.
  • 3. It has a combination of soft toe brace and steel bendable toe stabilizer bar,provides protective and corrective support. Use the three ergonomic wrap strap to get the perfect fit around your foot and big toe.Use the Bendable Toe Stabilizer to conform the splint to the contour of your bunion for greater comfort. You can also bend the Stabilizer to provide more inward torque to straighten your big toe.
  • 4.Bounus : Two additional toe loop straps included for the other crooked toes like hammer toe, mallet toe, claw tow, provide comfort and tension pulling down on the toe - straightening and correcting dorsal drift or floating toe. They can be adjusted as needed for both length and width of the toe. The smaller the toe the more the strap may feel bulky but you can always trim it to reduce bulk.Fit for any toe.
  • 5.Comfortable fabrics and Flexible size: Package included two bunion brace, one for right foot, the other one for left foot. And two toe loop for any hammer / claw / mallet toe. One size for feet of any size. Made of 100% meidical material. The surface is covered with a comfortable soft fluff fabric that fits your feet well; three velcro straps can be adjusted for different sizes of feet, suitable for men and women.
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