5 Sheets!!!! What A Deal! Made in USA Lipo Foam Individual Sheets...

5 Sheets!!!! What A Deal! Made in USA Lipo Foam Individual Sheets...

5 Sheets!!!! What A Deal! Made in USA Lipo Foam Individual Sheets 8x11in After Surgery Liposuction Medical Grade Flexible 5 Pack

  • ONE IS GOOD, TWO IS BETTER: After a BBL, you need to recover your figure from pain and swelling. We've created for you our BBL lumbar board liposuction combo: BBL lipo back boards designed to mold, generate stability, comfort and relieve pain. Together, these post bbl supplies will help you to prevent fluid retention and make you feel comfortable again, in a fast and simple way. It’s important to highlight that these lumbar boards are to be used with a medium or high compression Faja.
  • FAST HEALING PROCESS: Our lumbar lipo board MLE 003 is the best ally right after having a BBL or liposuction. This lumbar molder offers you back support, protects your skin and helps you with your recovery process after these types of procedures. Combined with a BBL Faja and before bbl back lipo board T016, the lumbar board after bbl materials (polystyrene with an inner layer of hypoallergenic cotton) will make you feel comfortable while accelerating healing.
  • COMFORT AND SUPPORT: Our stage 2 post lipo board 016 is recommended after using the lipo lumbar board 003. Made out of a soft material, provides you with the comfort you need to continue with your daily routine. Our lipo lumbar molder foam board helps reducing swelling and prevents fluid retention in the lower back area.
  • ANATOMICAL DESIGN: Lumbar board after lipo 003 and lumbar molder T016 are BBL supplies after surgery that are to be used with shapewear. Our lipo foam lumbar and bbl board will go virtually invisible underneath. Wear your favorite outfits while also having the excellent effects of this BBL back board liposuction bbl combo without anybody noticing.
  • ¡DOS ES MEJOR QUE UNO!: Luego de un procedimiento estético, tu cuerpo necesita los accesorios necesarios para su pronta recuperación. Nuestra tabla lumbar 003 te brinda soporte, acelerando tu recuperación mientras protege tu piel de roces o agentes externos. Nuestra lipo tabla y tabla bbl te ofrecen comodidad y te brinda flexibilidad para que sigas disfrutando de tu rutina diaria. Recuerda que cada tabla moldeadora debe ir acompañada por una faja de compresión media o alta.
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