Completely Keto MCT Oil Powder from Fractionated Coconut C8 MCT O...

Completely Keto MCT Oil Powder from Fractionated Coconut C8 MCT O...

Completely Keto MCT Oil Powder from Fractionated Coconut C8 MCT Oil - Perfect Powdered MCT Keto Creamer for Coffee, Mocha

  • FAST FAT-BURNING: When you add MCT oil powder to your diet, you eat less, while still feeling completely satisfied. MCT Oil can be converted into ketones – an instant source of energy that makes it unnecessary for your body to store fat. You can enjoy all the benefits of MCT Oil every day with an irresistible creamy mocha flavor.
  • LONG LASTING ENERGY: Enjoy mental clarity with this instant source of brain fuel! MCT oil keto powder supports cognitive function and removes food cravings, boosting your energy levels without the crash of some weight loss coffee drinks. Daily powdered MTC oil intake can also lead to a significant reduction in body weight and fast slimming of waist circumference.
  • SUGAR LEVELS UNDER CONTROL: MCT stands for “Medium Chain Triglycerides”. It’s a type of healthy fat that is more easily digested and processed by your body. Taking MCT Oil daily will reduce your sugar requirements. This is great news for those required to have a low carb, low sugar diet.
  • DELICIOUS KETO COFFEE: Add the keto creamer for coffee to your favorite hot drink for a creamy, delicious and convenient healthy weight loss drink. Perfect keto pre workout or recovery drink tastes amazing and will make you feel satisfied and energized so you can do more of what you love!
  • YOU WILL LOVE IT! Coconut Oil MCT with no fillers or additives, our MCT oil keto powder contains Medium Chain Triglycerides derived from fractionated coconut oil, made from mostly C8 and some C10 MCT oil for the highest quality. If for any reason you don’t love Completely Keto MCT Oil Powder, just let us know, our friendly team will work with you until you are 100% satisfied.
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