Wise Woman Herbals – Hawthorn Berry Extract Liquid - Extra Streng...

Wise Woman Herbals – Hawthorn Berry Extract Liquid - Extra Streng...

Wise Woman Herbals – Hawthorn Berry Extract Liquid - Extra Strength 4:1 Extract - Alcohol-Free - for Cardiovascular Health and Heart Function - 4 oz

  • CARDIOVASCULAR SUPPORT - Supports normal healthy blood pressure and heart function for men and women. Promotes normal healthy integrity of the venous structure and cardiac muscle.
  • WE BEGIN WITH NATURE - Our extracts are processed and manufactured in house from herbal ingredients, using artisanal methods and sustainable practices. All-natural and alcohol free. Either organically cultivated or ethically wild-crafted.
  • QUALITY SINCE 1989 - All our products undergo in house and external third-party testing by highly experienced and qualified regulatory control teams. Testing to assure the products are free of contaminants. Additional testing to assure products are not contaminated with heavy metals. Herbal identification to assure you are getting exactly what's listed on the bottle.
  • WHAT MAKES US SUPERIOR - Our Licorice Root Extract (Solid extracts) are liquid extracts that have all the alcohol removed, concentrating the plant compounds for a potent extraction. Certified Kosher Vegetable glycerin is added to create a pleasing consistency.
  • This product label contains a warning required by California Proposition 65. The warning notifies consumers that the product may contain naturally-occurring lead or other elements above the minimum thresholds specified by the State of California. All of our natural plant ingredients are grown in soil and absorb lead from the soil they are grown in, and our testing has shown that concentrations of naturally-occurring lead can therefore sometimes exceed California thresholds in our products.
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