10 Crab Calcium Supplement Balls --- Perfect nutrient Balance Boo...

Out Of Stock 10 Crab Calcium Supplement Balls --- Perfect nutrient Balance Boo...

10 Crab Calcium Supplement Balls --- Perfect nutrient Balance Boost Metabolism - promotes Shell Growth in Calcium-deficient Crabs - Beneficial for molting Pets - With Over 30 Beneficial minerals

  • ✔ CALCIUM FOR THEIR EXOSKELETON --- These nocturnal scavengers need a lot of calcium to support their growth of shells. If you have a crab who is about to get into the molting stage or has just molted, the 10-Pack Calcium Supplement balls by SunGrow is a must-have product.
  • ✔ ESSENTIAL FOR PERFECT nutrient BALANCE --- Perfect health for your hermit crab is an assurance when you include SunGrow mineral Beads. These calcium-rich balls fill in the deficiency of mineral requirements including calcium, iron, boron, and manganese.
  • ✔ FOR AN ACTIVE CRAB AND ASSISTS IN REPRODUCTION --- Calcium-enriched, these source of nourishment balls help activate the muscles and develop strong bones. This hermie supplement, with its healing properties, restores fatigue and can make them energetic. An agile and active breed also reproduce in higher numbers.
  • ✔ SEE YOUR HERMIES GO CRAZY OVER IT --- The omnivorous scavengers like variety in their diet and these balls will ensure that they thrive in their habitat. As you add these balls in their home, watch them going gaga over it. It is an easy and healthy way to give calcium to your crabs. You may either crush the balls and sprinkle them over their food or place the whole ball inside their tank and watch them munching over.
  • ✔ A CRABITAT DECOR THAT COMPLEMENTS LIVE DECOR --- Aside from great health benefits, these energy balls for would look great in your crustaceans’ home too. Its round shape and color fit perfectly to any theme you want to convey by giving a distinct raw look and feel. If you place these balls in the substrate near plants, plants will also absorb the elements along with its health benefits.
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