Sleep Plus Xtra Strength – Melatonin + 5-HTP + Magnesium + L-Thea...

-37% Sleep Plus Xtra Strength – Melatonin + 5-HTP + Magnesium + L-Thea...

Sleep Plus Xtra Strength – Melatonin + 5-HTP + Magnesium + L-Theanine + GABA + Phellodendron + Mucuna Pruriens - Insomnia and Anxiety Relief - Sleep Well & Wake Up Revitalized - 60 Capsules.

  • DEEP, RESTFUL SLEEP EVERY NIGHT - Do you have trouble falling asleep from time to time? Every so often, everyone has trouble falling asleep and/or staying asleep throughout the night. On those days, it’s difficult to wake up fresh and energized. SLEEP PLUS is a sleep supplement that promotes healthy sleep habits that help you relax, drift off into sleep and wake up feeling fresh for the day.
  • NATURAL SLEEP AID, AWARD WINNING & PATENTED INGREDIENTS - Drug-free, 100% Natural Ingredients, no hangover, wake up feeling fully energized, refreshed and rested with optimal mental clarity made with Melatonin + L-Theanine + GABA + Phellodendron + 5-HTP + Mucuna Pruriens.
  • MOOD, ANXIETY & SLEEP SUPPORT - 5-HTP is the primary precursor to serotonin production in the body. Increased levels of serotonin have been scientifically shown to promote positive mood, anxiety relief and better sleep.
  • GET TO SLEEP FAST & STAY ASLEEP ALL NIGHT - Have you been struggling to get a good night’s sleep? It’s time to put your sleep troubles to rest once and for all. Designed to help the body wind down and turn off the lights for a deep and restful sleep, Sleep Plus is an all-natural sleep aid made with safe, non-habit forming herbal ingredients.
  • SAFETY ASSURED STANDARD OF QUALITY - Fersa Labs guarantees the maximum quality of all its products; all of them are manufactured in the US under strict quality controls and are GMP-certified. All our products have the corresponding health permits. Quality and trust for our customers.
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