3 Pack of vK2 -Vitamin K2 MK4 and MK7

3 Pack of vK2 -Vitamin K2 MK4 and MK7

3 Pack of vK2 -Vitamin K2 (MK4 and MK7)

  • vK2 is pharmaceutical grade vitamin K2, providing BOTH MK4 (5 mg) AND MK7 (100 mcg).
  • vK2 is made in the USA, the ingredients are European sourced and have a natural yellow color.
  • buyer beware . . . most brands of Vitamin K2 are NOT yellow, meaning they are NOT pharmaceutical grade and likely contain Chinese ingredients (with a low percentage of the bioactive “trans” form).
  • Everyone should take Vitamin K2, but if you take Vitamin D3 (as everyone should also do), you especially need Vitamin K2 to meet the increased demand that Vitamin D3 stimulates.
  • The suggested dosage is one capsule of vK2 for every 5000 iu of vitamin D3.
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