About Us

Since early 2000 we have been curating products designed for enhancing the wellness of our family, home and by extension, life enhancing as well. We start by source products moms, dads and children. From there, we look at our living environment and bring you products for greener, healthier and more efficient homes and gardens. Finally, we also source tools for wellness, gadgets and devices for your body and your mind.

Up and coming brands, small manufacturers and more established names. The Americas, Europe and Asia, we search for quality wellness products otherwise not be available at your local retailer. We can offer this wide and wild selection because we operate as a marketplace allowing domestic and international suppliers to offer their products on our website. Note that because of that, we have limited control on the quality of the information provided on the product page, in most cases it is the same as the manufacturer's website or other marketplaces. If you feel that something is off in the way a product is represented, or if you are the manufacturer or the brand owner, contact us using the link at the footer of this website and we will do our best to remedy the issue immediately. 

We are located in the heart of Park Slope, a neighborhood known as one of New York City's best place to raise a family. We try to take inspiration from our neighborhood by making it Search Wellness mission to enhance the well-being of our families, the education of our children and the quality of our environment.

More than many online retailers we are focused on our commitment to service and customer satisfaction. We price our products as low as we can. Free shipping store wide allows us to maintain every day low price without ticking off manufacturers and brands. The net effect is that you get a better overall delivered price than most other online retailers. There are no hidden fees, auto-ship programs, un-authorized charges on your credit card, annoying phone calls, not even emails - other then transaction related email confirmations. You may not get the military grade efficiencies of giants like Amazon, but you will get a personal service and a call back if you ask.

 Thank you for your business, it means the world to us.

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