Ancestrum DNA Test

New Ancestrum DNA Test

Ancestrum DNA Test

  • 1 KIT, 1 PRICE, 7 TESTS: Geographical Ancestry, Historical Ancestry, Ethnic Ancestry, Maternal Haplogroup, Paternal Haplogroup*, Celebrities and Neanderthal Ancestry. *only for male sex
  • In GEOGRAPHIC and HISTORICAL ANCESTRY we analyze your DNA and compare it with recent and archaeological samples, to tell you the geographical areas related to your ancestors, up to 10,000 BC.
  • The ETHNIC ANCESTRY, from an anthropological and social approach, discovers which ethnic groups you are related to according to your origins. We have more than 300 ethnicities worldwide
  • And we also tell you which CELEBRITIES you may be related to, how much NEANDERTAL you are, and the HAPLOGROUPS of your MATERNAL and PATERNAL lineages, up to Mitochondrial Eve and Y-chromosomal Adam.
  • EASY, COMFORTABLE AND SAFE: We send the kit to your home so you can do the test in a convenient way. In addition, we use Illumina technology and we care about the privacy and security of your data
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