Loop Switch Earplugs – Multi-Mode Noise-Reducing Earplugs | Adjus...

Loop Switch Earplugs – Multi-Mode Noise-Reducing Earplugs | Adjus...

Loop Switch Earplugs – Multi-Mode Noise-Reducing Earplugs | Adjustable Passive Hearing Protection for Focus, Travel, Concerts, Socializing, Sports Events & Noise Sensitivity | Reusable Ear Protection

  • 1 EARPLUG, 3 NOISE REDUCTION MODES – Discover the convenience of 1 earplug with 3 volume modes, controlled by a single switch. Made for those on the move, Loop Switch offers the most convenient way to change your volume to match your surroundings, from work to social settings to big night’s out. Flip the switch on big deadlines, crowded commutes and late-night tantrums effortlessly with multi-mode earplugs that can do it all.
  • PASSIVE PROTECTION – Go from the morning meeting to deep focus to drinks with friends knowing your earplugs have got you covered. Thanks to a sleek mechanical dial on the outside of each earplug, Loop Switch offers 24/7 multi-level noise support without the need for charging or batteries.
  • A MODE FOR EVERY MOMENT – Choose Engage Mode to take the edge off while keeping speech clear for conversations, social gatherings and parenting. Switch to Experience Mode to reduce the volume while keeping sound quality clear at concerts and festivals, sporting events and any other live entertainment. And when it's time to tune out background noise and get in your bubble for deep focus, travel and relaxation, shift into Quiet Mode.
  • HOW SWITCH WORKS – 1) Place Switch in your ears – L for left, R for right 2) Flip the switch – Adjust the mechanical dial to set your earplugs in your chosen mode.3) Do your thing – Work, dance and play at your volume, switching modes throughout the day. Loop Switch is designed to be worn all day, with comfortable silicone ear tips and a single switch to conveniently change modes.
  • INSIDE THE BOX – 1 set of Loop Switch earplugs, 4 sets of silicone ear tips (XS/S/M/L) and 1 extra secure Carry Case for easy access on the go.
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