Testosterone Test Kit 2 Kit Pack + 2 Months of Progene - Measur...

Testosterone Test Kit 2 Kit Pack + 2 Months of Progene - Measur...

Testosterone Test Kit (2 Kit Pack + 2 Months of Progene) - Measure and Track Your Levels Before and After Progene

  • Pack includes 2 painless saliva-based at-home test kits! See your levels before & after Progene- all lab fees are prepaid with prepaid postage for lab samples.
  • CLINICALLY PROVEN TESTOSTERONE PRECURSORS -- Naturally increase production with the foundational ingredients needed to produce more testosterone. Powerful ingredients cleared by the FDA (but banned by pro-sports) to help support faster protein synthesis/muscle development, increased metabolism / fat burning rates, more natural / sustainable all-day energy and more!
  • DOCTOR RECOMMENDED -- Progene is the ONLY brand with a national network of healthcare professionals who recommend Progene as a natural alternative to synthetic, prescription testosterone. Exclusively formulated with scientifically driven ingredients and the input of pharmacists, naturopaths and biochemists.
  • SCIENCE DRIVEN -- The ONLY brand in the country with clinical grade testing capabilities, allowing you to actually measure levels before & after (search Amazon for “Testosterone Test Kits”). Additionally, Progene is the ONLY brand in the country sponsoring on-going, national testosterone research.
  • NATURAL, SAFE & TRUSTED -- A safe & effective formula for over 15 years (3-5x longer than most supplement companies) comprised of over 30 ingredients - botanical extracts, amino acids, phytosterols, vitamins and minerals known to support the production of increased testosterone. NO preservatives. NO animal products. NO GMO's. Made in the USA at cGMP regulated facilities.
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