NeuEve BV Clear Finisher Customized – Extra-Strength Formula – ...

NeuEve BV Clear Finisher Customized – Extra-Strength Formula – ...

NeuEve BV Clear Finisher (Customized) – Extra-Strength Formula – Use after You Have Tried the NeuEve BV Clear - Clear Tough Recurrent BV – Natural Feminine Cleanser/Deodorant - Refrigerate Before Use

  • Warning: BV Clear Finisher is specially designed for premenopausal women to clear tough BV that did not respond to the regular BV Clear. You should not use it if you have not used the regular NeuEve BV Clear before as you may feel burning! It is 3x more concentrated than the regular BV Clear and may be 3x more effective. Due to higher concentrtion, women of the sensitive type or with vaginal atrophy may feel burning. These women can use regular BV Clear or NeuEve Silver/Gold to manage BV.
  • Got recurrent BV and tried other products that did not work? Try NeuEve BV Clear. 94% women with new/recurrent BV reported clearance with just one pack. If you have tried NeuEve BV Clear but failed to clear your BV, you can try BV Clear Finisher. Most women may not feel discomfort, but some may experience burning and discharge. These are normal and will soon go away.
  • If your BV is recurrent, you can purchase 1 pack of BV Clear Finisher and use the suppository once every 3 days. If you tried multiple BV care products that all failed to clear your BV, your BV may be highly severe, you can purchase 2 packs of BV Clear Finisher and use 1 suppository every other day.
  • Good health maintenance is important for clearing recurrent BV. After BV is cleared, using 1 pack/month (once per week, skipping the menstrual period week) can help stop BV from coming back. We recommend a 3-month maintenance after BV is cleared. If you do not see BV returning for 3 months, you may not see BV for a long time.
  • One pack contains 3 vaginal suppositories. 100% all-natural food-grade ingredients. NeuEve does NOT contain any toxic boric acid, petrochemicals, parabens, urea, glycols, and PEGs that harm the friendly bacteria. NeuEve clears BV naturally and stops BV from coming back by restoring the balance of vaginal microbiome.
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