ijCare 30g Lancets for Blood Testing 300pcs – Fits Any Standard...

ijCare 30g Lancets for Blood Testing 300pcs – Fits Any Standard...

ijCare 30g Lancets for Blood Testing (300pcs) – Fits Any Standard Lancet Devices, and Diabetic Lancing Device in Our Blood Sugar Test Kit, Affordable Diabetic Supplies/Finger Pricker (3)

  • ⚡LOWEST PRICE OF THE YEAR⚡ SUFFER-LESS: You didn’t ask to be sick, so why should you struggle with painful finger pricks and equally painful prices? The ijCare 30g Lancet Pack (100pcs) is not only affordable, but when you combine it with our 5-Depth Device, and 0.5µg Glucose Strips, you’re in control the physical pain too.
  • A PERFECT FIT: Yes, they will fit YOUR standard lancet device. In fact, people who use our Oh’Care Auto-ejecting 5-Depth Device find our sterile lancet comfortable because you get to choose the setting! Don’t have the Lancet Device? It’s available in our affordable glucose testing kit here on Amazon.
  • AFFORDABLE: When people like yourself need to test your glucose often, the cost of consumables can really add up. So we keep your cost low, by not charging a “fee” for our brand name. Even if you’re not a PRIME member or choose not to ‘subscribe and save’ today, our price still makes the most sense!
  • FAST DELIVERY: If you’re like us, you love knowing your diabetic lancets will show up on time for uninterrupted testing. So order now, and Amazon FBA will immediately begin the delivery process
  • NEED OUR HELP? As soon as your blood lancets arrive, please test them with your Lancing Device and tell us immediately if we need to help in any way. Order Now, or better still, subscribe and save.
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