V Shaped Slimming Face Mask | Double Chin Reducer for Firming Moi...

V Shaped Slimming Face Mask | Double Chin Reducer for Firming Moi...

V Shaped Slimming Face Mask | Double Chin Reducer for Firming Moisturizing & Contour Lifting | Instant Lift Strap Wrinkles Remover | V-Line Beauty Band Patch with Collagen Vitamin E & C - 5 Pack

  • WOW! YOUNG & BEAUTIFUL: You can almost hear that complement "Oh My! You look great! What did you do?" Sotiras VLine Mask is this secret hydrating recipe with proved success for face & neck lifting. Looking like you are 10 years younger, no wonder you don't need a time machine anymore.
  • AFFORDABLE NATURAL BEAUTY TREATMENT: In the old days, people needed surgery for jawline and chins lifters. Sotiras' non surgical, organic technology meets your anti-aging need with rapid result at the comfort of your own home. That's right, say goodbye to double chin, loose skin, and wrinkle!
  • LARGE & SMALL FACE FITTING: Just like you, we have seen many other masks that don't work, so we designed Sotiras strap with customized & stretchable fabric to fit all faces. For larger face users, gently stretch the straps 2-3 times before applying. Please note that it is normal to experience pulling on the ears in order for these gel pad treatments to function properly.
  • TRUSTED & DESIGNED FROM THE USA: Sotiras is a California family business designing safe & secured beauty products that boost your confident. And while our premium V-shaped Masks are affordable, we don't believe in cheap. This magic mask with healthy and detox ingredient is the best face mask product available, and we're proud to offer it to you at such a great price.
  • OUR GUARANTEE: When you take your new mask home, one of two very cool things will happen – you'll look 10 years young because of your awesomely shaped face and chin. Or, we’ll refund every cent so you can find your perfect beauty solution! Order now risk free from Sotiras.
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