Allied Life Spirulina and Chlorella | Organic Chlorophyll Vegan P...

Allied Life Spirulina and Chlorella | Organic Chlorophyll Vegan P...

Allied Life Spirulina and Chlorella | Organic Chlorophyll Vegan Protein Powder Green Superfood Capsules | Natural Immune Support (3 Bottle Pack)

  • SPIRULINA AND CHLORELLA ARE TWO OF THE MOST POTENT SUPERFOODS ON EARTH. These all natural green superfoods have traditionally been used to naturally support a variety of healthy functions in the body. With a significant body of research, spirulina and chlorella can measurably support your overall wellness.
  • THIS IS A VERY UNIQUE AND PROPRIETARY COMBINATION OF SPIRULINA AND CHLORELLA that creates synergies and benefits that taking only one or the other by themselves cannot equal. The Allied Life proprietary blend is from the purest sources and carefully blended in the correct ratios to maximize these benefits. Our proprietary sources, and unique blend of broken cell wall chlorella and spirulina make a potent nutritional foundation anti aging superfood supplement for you and your family.
  • THE MOST POWERFUL DETOX CLEANSE. Spirulina and chlorella are the world's richest sources of chlorophyll, which makes them great detoxifiers. Chlorophyll is well-known for its ability to support the body in cleansing itself.
  • COMPLETE VEGAN - VEGETARIAN RAW PROTEIN SOURCE WITH B12. Spirulina and chlorella are 50-70% complete protein by biomass. Spirulina contains 12x more digestible protein than beef by weight. The raw protein in chlorella and spirulina is the highest quality and biologically complete, which means they have all 8 essential amino acids in the proper ratios. They are more complete than hemp protein, pea protein, soy protein, brown rice protein and other vegetable and vegan protein powder.
  • ENSURE A HEALTHY ALKALINE BALANCE. Western diets tend to be highly acidic, and this acid can be balanced by the natural alkalinity of chlorella and spirulina. They are good sources of gamma linolenic acid (GLA). Chlorella helps to support your gut health, which is a key to overall wellness. SAVE MONEY & STAY COMMITTED WITH OUR 3-PACK SPECIAL!
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