Acne Patches 120 Pack - Tea Tree Oil and Hydrocolloid Acne Patc...

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Acne Patches (120 Pack) - Tea Tree Oil and Hydrocolloid Acne Patches for Face (3 Sizes), Pimple Patch, Zit Patches, Acne Dots, Pimple Stickers, Natural Blemish and Acne Spot Dots

  • Eliminate Acne with a Pimple Patch - It's time to eliminate your acne with a hydrocolloid acne patch. Hydrocolloid bandages treat acne quickly & affordably. These acne dots are faster than creams & ointments, cheaper than doctors, & easy to use. Being judged because you don't have pimple patches sucks, especially when a zit patch is so accessible and useful! It's vital for you to feel comfortable in your skin. Get your acne patches for face today.
  • ⚡ Fast-healing Acne Patches - Blemish patches heal pimples incredibly fast. Your zit stickers will work so quickly that you can put them on your acne spot before sleep and wake up fully healed! You won't believe your eyes when you remove your acne stickers in the morning to see the pimple spot treatment magic that happened overnight. Plus, these acne spot dots come in three sizes. Treat only where you need with pimple stickers today.
  • 120 Pack Affordable & Effective Acne Treatment - Dermatologists are expensive. So are those 3-step cystic acne creams. Don't break the bank! Our pimple patches for face and body are affordable and effective. Each pimple sticker works like a sponge to soak up zit dots pus and oil. Many times, an acne cover patch is overpriced, leaves dark marks on the skin, and sometimes doesn't even work. We have addressed all of those problems to develop a superior acne spot treatment patch for you.
  • Tea Tree Oil & Hydrocolloid Acne Healing Patch - Zit patches for face and body treat blemishes fast. Each zit sticker acts as a protective skin tag patch and acne patch and prevents picking or touching. Your pimple dots are natural, drug-free, cruelty-free, and vegan-friendly. To use - clean and dry your face before applying your hydrocolloid patch, choose a round acne sticker, and gently stick the acne pimple patch above your pimple. Remove the pimple spot treatment patch after 7-8 hours.
  • United States Brand - It can be a challenge finding the right skin tag and acne patch kit from a reliable, trustworthy company. When you buy your acne patches from us, you’re buying from a small, local business that has your back. You’re buying from a company located right here in the USA ⁠— where the quality of your acne dots and your satisfaction comes first, period. You’ll be relieved to treat your acne with confidence using these acne patches.
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