Healaxis Aftercare Healing Cream - Premium Tattoo Balm for Bright...

New Healaxis Aftercare Healing Cream - Premium Tattoo Balm for Bright...

Healaxis Aftercare Healing Cream - Premium Tattoo Balm for Brighten Colors & Soothe Skin - Organic Tattoo Care Lotion, Skin Moisturizing & Scar Repair Ointment - Shea Butter, Coconut Oil - 30 ml

  • ✅ ???????????????????????????? & ???????????????? ????????????????????????????, ????????????????????, ???????????????????? ???????????????????? ???????????????????? ???????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????: Now people are washing and sanitizing their hands regularly with soap & water. With more washing, sanitizing & disinfecting, skin might become dry & develop dermatitis, a skin inflammation that can appear as red, itchy, cracked, sore skin. In these situations, Healaxis Healing Cream helps you to restore your skin.
  • ✅ ???????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????, ???????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????? & ????????????????-???????????????????????????? ????????????????????????: A strong healing and moisturizing formula, based on carefully sourced organic ingredients. Organic shea butter and coconut oil nourishes the skin, barley extract improves skin elasticity and helps it heal, meanwhile other ingredients help the skin preserve the moisture to keep it extra smooth.
  • ✅ ???????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????? ????????????????: Healaxis cream goes beyond its primary functions, releasing its full potential to improve the overall state of the skin, combating with extra dryness, reducing scarring and preventing irritation.
  • ✅ ???????????????????????????????? ????????????: Healaxis aftercare cream is suitable to be used on tattoos, microblading, permanent make up, after cosmetological treatments like microneedling, waxing, laser hair removal and others.
  • ✅ ????????????????????????????-????????????????, ???????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????: Healaxis is a completely cruelty free, no animal testing has been involved. We carefully sourced our ingredients to deliver a truly exceptional formula to our customers.
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