Beyond Collagen Multi Collagen Capsules - Types I, II, III, V & X...

Beyond Collagen Multi Collagen Capsules - Types I, II, III, V & X...

Beyond Collagen Multi Collagen Capsules - Types I, II, III, V & X | Hydrolyzed Blend with Biotin & Vitamin C for Hair, Skin, Nails | Live Conscious - 90 Capsules

  • Healthy Skin, Hair & Nail Support: Live Conscious Beyond Collagen Capsules offer 5 different types of collagen, plus biotin and vitamin C, in a convenient collagen supplement for women and men. By approaching healthy skin, hair, and nail support from 5 angles, you can boost your body’s collagen levels, more efficiently use the collagen you have, and support the body’s natural collagen production.*
  • 5 Types in One: Beyond Collagen Capsules features 5 types of collagen hydrolysate (I, II, III, V, & X) in order to provide maximum benefits. These collagen types can help reduce joint discomfort as well as provide benefits to your appearance. Plus, when joints feel more flexible, it’s easier to maintain an active lifestyle.*
  • Dial Back the Years: Collagen can help add a more youthful look to your appearance by helping reduce signs of aging and providing support to overall well-being.*
  • Premium Ingredients: For best results, we use only high-quality ingredients, including grass-fed bovine, chicken, and eggshell sources, to create a collagen supplement formula that offers 5 important types of collagen in one easy-to-swallow capsule.
  • With Biotin and Vitamin C: Biotin, also called vitamin H (for hair), is an important part of maintaining the infrastructure of the body’s keratin, the protein that comprises hair and nails. Vitamin C is an important part of the body’s ability to repair tissues. Including these two powerful ingredients in Beyond Collagen Capsules helps bolster the overall benefits.*
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