Emmi-dent Oral Waver Electric Toothbrush with 100% Ultrasound Tec...

Emmi-dent Oral Waver Electric Toothbrush with 100% Ultrasound Tec...

Emmi-dent Oral Waver Electric Toothbrush with 100% Ultrasound Technology. Ideal for Sensitive Teeth, Plaque Removal and More! (Special Needs Model: Silent and Without Vibrations)

  • NO BRUSHING, NO ABRASION, NO VIBRATIONS, COMPLETELY SILENT – Emmi-dent’s Ultrasound does not depend on abrasive brushing like ordinary electric toothbrushes. Ultrasound waves deep clean completely silent and without abrasive brushing. Perfect for everyday use and ideal for people with a higher sensitivity to sound and vibration, very sensitive teeth and gums, dexterity limitations, dentures, those recovering from oral surgery and other health considerations that call for more gentle oral care.
  • REAL ULTRASOUND PATENTED TECHNOLOGY – Unlike traditional electronic toothbrushes, Emmi-dent’s non-abrasive technology cleans your teeth by using 100% Ultrasound waves to prevent against problems that can be caused by brushing like receding gums, sensitive teeth and inflamed, irritated gums. Perfect for daily usage and ideal for people with sensitive teeth, gums or implants who need a gentler option for their daily oral care.
  • WAVE, DON’T BRUSH – To use, spread the ultrasound activated nano-bubble toothpaste on your teeth. Hold the device head over each section of your teeth (don’t brush). A timer (beep-sound) and brief interruption of the vibration will alert you to move on to the next section after 6 seconds. The bristles serve as antennas to transmit over 90 million ultrasonic impulses per minute to give you clean, smooth teeth without abrasive brushing. Similar to the ultrasound used at dentists’ offices.
  • GO DEEPER, WHERE BRISTLES CAN’T REACH – Ultrasound waves create millions of nano-sized bubbles, 100 times tinier than harmful plaque. These bubbles deep clean into the tiniest crevices, gaps and other areas that brushes can’t reach: Gums, Braces, Implants. Also effective in teeth whitening and removing discoloration from coffee, tea, nicotine and wine.
  • CLINICALLY PROVEN – The emmi-dent oral waver is approved and clinically proven (Ormed – University of Witten/Herdecke). Multiple studies have proven that the oral waver reliably fights harmful plaque that causes cavities, gingivitis and periodontitis – all without any abrasion and without hurting teeth or gums. The Piezo-chip embedded inside the bristle-head is patented worldwide. Made in Germany.
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