Mineral Rescue Internal Skin Care Dont Flake Me Out Dandruff & I...

Mineral Rescue Internal Skin Care Dont Flake Me Out Dandruff & I...

Mineral Rescue Internal Skin Care Don't Flake Me Out Dandruff & Itchy Scalp Revolutionary & Clearing in a Pill Attacks at Its Internal Source Without Harsh Chemicals, 8 Ounce

  • JUST 12 WEEKS TO GOODBYE DANDRUFF! As dandruff regins internally due to your scalp cells accelerating their shedding process, why use a topical treatment for an internal problem? Don't Flake Me Out works gradually - with optimal results within 12 weeks. When used regularly after the initial treatment program, it actually helps prevent future dandruff recurrences and helps promote a healthy scalp.
  • TREATS ALL TYPES OF DANDRUFF, FLAKING, SCALING, ITCHING, OILY SCALP, DRY SCALP - SAFELY WITHOUT HARSH CHEMICALS - contains 7 all natural, mother-earth derived scalp clearing minerals taken orally relieve all types of dandruff flaking, scaling, itching, oily scalp or dry scalp safely with no irritation, no harsh ingredients. Dosage is weight dependent, so you get optimal results. Berry flavored pills. Vegan. Gluten Free. Lactose Free.
  • INTERNAL DANDRUFF, SCALP & ITCH RELIEF - this revolutionary dandruff, scalp & itchy scalp treatment relieves and helps prevent dandruff from the inside out - for a healthy, happy scalp from within without the harsh side effects of topical dandruff treatments.
  • PREVENTATIVE - When used regularly, helps prevent future dandruff recurrences for a healthy scalp day after day
  • NO NEED FOR HARSH, STINKY DANDRUFF SHAMPOOS THAT CAN HARM HAIR, HAIR COLOR AND IRRITATE YOUR SCALP. After the initial 12 week treatment course when your hair is dandruff free, you can then use your favorite hair care products! No need to keep using harsh, stinky dandruff shampoos and other treatments that can strip your hair color, irritate your scalp or dry out your hair.
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