BioDIM Diindolylmethane Complex | Supports Hormone Balance, Cel...

BioDIM Diindolylmethane Complex | Supports Hormone Balance, Cel...

BioDIM (Diindolylmethane) Complex | Supports Hormone Balance, Cellular Health in Men & Women | Estrogen Blocker | Menopause Relief | PCOS, Weight Loss, Acne | Natural Supplement

  • Hormone Balance, Naturally—Contains physician formulated, highly bioavailable diindolylmethane, BioResponse DIM, the only specialty blend microencapsulated for maximum absorption and extended release. Derived from plant material compounds BR-DIM promotes healthy estrogen metabolism in both men and women, which limits estrogen dominance and the prevalence of certain hormone related symptoms and conditions.
  • For women BR-DIM facilitates toxic weight loss, and reduces symptoms of PMS, PCOS and menopause including hot flashes, night sweats, and hormonal acne. For men BR-DIM supports toxic weight loss, prostate health, libido, and the production of testosterone while reducing acne and fighting estrogen dominance. Trans-Resveratrol the polyphenol and active ingredient in Resveratrol, inhibits aromatase activity thereby blocking biosynthesis of estrogen converted from testosterone.
  • Cellular Health, Foundation for Life— Diindolylmethane-rich compounds aid in estrogen metabolism for both men and women and together with I-3-C support normal apoptosis, the break down and build up of healthy cells throughout the lifetime of tissue and organs. Vitamin D3, necessary for bone formation, growth, and repair, and optimal absorption of calcium boosts immunities and contributes to cellular differentiation (the changing of one cell type to another).
  • Antioxidant Protection and Detoxification—Polyphenol compounds in HMRlignan provide excellent antioxidant protection and anti-inflammatory cellular support. Calcium D-Glucarate helps rid the body of harmful waste and toxins through glucuronidation, a process that binds pollutants or “used” hormones to toxins in the liver to be excreted through bile or urine. Green Tea Extract further provides powerful antioxidant support through polyphenols and bioflavonoids found in plant leaves.
  • Cardiovascular Support— Trans-Resveratrol the primary ingredient in Bio Dim’s, Resveratrol compound is harvested from the Polygonum cuspidatum plant (Japanese knotweed) and red wine grapes. Concentrations of the element possess antimutation, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties and offer important DNA protection as well. For cardiovascular health Resveratrol promotes vasorelaxation, inhibits LDL lipoprotein oxidation, contains atherosclerotic properties.
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