Authentic Relumins Oral Glutathione & Collagen Stack - Advance Wh...

Authentic Relumins Oral Glutathione & Collagen Stack - Advance Wh...

Authentic Relumins Oral Glutathione & Collagen Stack - Advance White Oral Glutathione & Advance White Collagen Max Chewables - NEW AND IMPROVED now with Rose Hips

Advance White Capsules
L-Glutathione Reduced 800mg
Alpha Lipoic Acid 100mg
Vitamin C 200mg (100mg Ascorbic Acid & 100mg Rose Hips)
Horse Placenta 100mg
Vegetable Cellulose (capsules)

Collagen Chewables
Collagen Peptide (fish) 500mg
Vitamin E 12.5mg
Silk Peptide 25mg
Vitamin C 10mg
CoQ10 10mg
Bird's nest 5mg
Pearl Powder 1.5mg
Job's Tears extract 50mg
Orange Flavor 12.5mg
Chondroitin 10mg
Hyaluronic Acid 10mg

Glutathione Capsules: Take 1 capsule before breakfast and 1 capsule before dinner
Collagen Chewables: Take 1 tablet before breakfast
  • Safely & Effectively Whiten, Firm, Repair and Rejuvenate for Younger, Healthier, Glowing Skin. This brand new set gives the most advanced skin whitening and repairing solution available. The Oral Glutathione Capsules whitens as the Collagen fight signs of aging, whiten skin, reduce wrinkles!
  • Advance White: 60 capsules per bottle. Collagen: 30 chewables per bottle. Oral Collagen & Gluta work together to give you amazing, glowing, healthy, younger, firmer & whiter skin. Contains Natural Botanicals to tighten, Firm & Protect Skin of Any Age.
  • 800mg L-Glutathione for maximum skin whitening, more than Gluta-C or PH338. Most Advanced Collagen Supplement Available. Contains 12 Advanced Ingredients to Fight Signs of Aging, Whiten Skin, Reduce Wrinkles. Proven safe and effective in numerous clinical studies.
  • Relumins L-Glutathione complex is the most advanced oral Glutathione and placenta formula available. It is the most effective oral skin whitener available and has numerous other health benefits. Collagen supplements are beloved by women of all ages who want to keep their skin at its youthful best. This product is the secret of many artists & especially dancers who need to keep their skin tight and fresh.
  • Relumins is 5X more effective than Ivory Caps & more than twice as effective as Gluta-C oral whitening formula. Contains Rose Hips to boost the skin's defenses, moisturize it from within, and fade discoloration. Collagen Restores Youthful Skin Tone, Fights Cellulite, Premature Aging & Cellulite. Ultra absorbent to Achieve Maximum Whitening, Moisturizing & Anti-Aging. With Bird's Nest, Pearl Powder, & Job's Tears to naturally reinvigorate tired skin. Tastes great and is more convenient than old style powders.
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