BioActive B12 Full-Spectrum Sublingual Drops 90 Day Supply: 4,0...

-28% BioActive B12 Full-Spectrum Sublingual Drops 90 Day Supply: 4,0...

BioActive B12 Full-Spectrum (Sublingual Drops) 90 Day Supply: 4,000 mcg Per Serving | Includes 3-in-1 Bioavailable: Methylcobalamin, Adenosylcobalamin and Hydroxocobalamin | Vegan

  • NEW Look, Same Formula! - - - : BioActive B12 Full Spectrum - a high quality VEGAN vitamin B12 complex utilizing 3 bioavailable forms. Includes ingredient forms that need no conversion in the liver in order to be available for use by your cells. As a sublingual supplement, BioActive B12 provides max absorption through the mouth’s mucous membranes. It has a natural and mild taste that is easy on the palate. - China Free - Alcohol Free - Non GMO - Sugar Free - Unflavored
  • “ ” - Utilizing a patented form *MecobalActive* with exceptional purity; no harmful solvents are used in its production like you see with many other methylcobalimin supplements being sold.
  • “ ” - Considered an active "coenzyme" form of B12 and is utilized directly in B12-dependent enzyme reactions in the body* 
  • “ ” - Readily converts to methylcobalamin and has a unique role of supporting detoxification processes*
  • QUALITY CONTROL: Please rest assured that color and/or taste variances are perfectly normal between lots. As our company name implies, our products are made with your health in mind and contain NO fillers, flow agents, excipients, artificial coloring, etc - Purity IS our Priority. Our entire line is also China-Free. This means we do NOT source any raw materials from China. All our supplements are 3rd party tested and manufactured in the USA in an NSF & GMP-certified facility.
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