Balance Complex for Women - for Vaginal Health, Herbal Detox & Cl...

Balance Complex for Women - for Vaginal Health, Herbal Detox & Cl...

Balance Complex for Women - for Vaginal Health, Herbal Detox & Cleanse, Vaginal Probiotics, Supports Healthy Intestinal Flora, Helps with Yeast Infections 60 Capsules

  • RESTORE VAGINAL HEALTH - Our Balance Complex for Women is a natural herbal formula that supports healthy intestinal flora and vaginal health. It helps restore yeast balance and can help reduce yeast infection. It can help with vaginal itching relief, vaginal odor and vaginal discharge. Promotes optimal vaginal health from the inside out. Take our Balance Complex capsules on their own, or optionally, together with vaginal suppositories if needed.
  • VAGINAL PROBIOTICS & ENZYMES - Our Balance Complex contains probiotic bacteria known to help balance gut and vaginal flora. It also contains enzymes known to be able to digest and kill yeast cells. In combination with the anti-yeast herbs in our formula, our Balance Complex has a powerful effect on yeast infections.
  • ALL NATURAL HERBAL PROBIOTIC FORMULA - Our Balance Complex is an all natural formula with no artificial chemicals. It will help restore the balance of flora in your gut and vagina, reducing the bad bacteria and yeast and promoting the beneficial flora. It also helps balance pH levels to restore optimal gut and vaginal health. Many of the ingredients also have immune boosting benefits that will help restore overall feminine health.
  • HIGH QUALITY MADE IN USA IN GMP CERTIFIED FACILITY, NON-GMO FORMULA— PureMax Labs Balance Complex for Women is made in the USA in a FDA inspected, Good Manufacturing Practice Certified facility from premium natural non-GMO ingredients. No artificial ingredients, no preservatives.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE If you’re not satisfied with our Balance Complex for Women in any way just contact us and we will refund your money.
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