Herb Lore Iron Tonic Tincture - 4 oz - Natural Liquid Iron Supple...

Herb Lore Iron Tonic Tincture - 4 oz - Natural Liquid Iron Supple...

Herb Lore Iron Tonic Tincture - 4 oz - Natural Liquid Iron Supplement for Women, Men & Kids - Gentle Non Constipating Herbal Iron Drops to Support Healthy Iron Levels

  • VEGAN IRON SUPPLEMENTS WITH QUICK RESULTS - If you are tired of battling with fatigue, our vegan liquid iron supplement will help boost your energy and iron levels! You should start seeing and feeling a difference within a week. Our all-natural iron supplement for women & men is a high-quality herbal iron that works!
  • GENTLE LIQUID IRON DROPS - Need to boost your iron levels but can't stomach the harshness of some iron supplements? We've got what you need! Our heRbal liquid iron tonic is gentle on your stomach and is a non constipating iron supplement. The herbs in this iron tonic actually may help you if you routinely suffer from constipation! No worries if you don't, though. We promise that you won't be running for a bathroom after using our iron tincture!
  • BETTER SHELF LIFE THAN OTHER LIQUID IRON SUPPLEMENTS - Don't you hate throwing out your liquid iron supplement because it expires before you have a chance to use it all? We've got you covered! Our Iron Tonic Tincture requires NO refrigeration and has an extended expiration date - we are talking years!
  • RECOMMENDED FOR PREGNANT WOMEN AND BREASTFEEDING MAMAS - Our liquid iron drops boost iron levels and help pregnant moms combat low energy caused by low iron levels. It may even help improve any pregnancy constipation you may be suffering from! Breastfeeding and need to boost your iron levels? We can help! Our iron supplement is safe for breastfeeding mamas and won't upset your precious little one's stomach!
  • EASY TO USE - Our 4 Ounce Iron Tonic tincture will last about a month of adult doses. Use 2 dropperful 2 -3 times a day. (Children can also use our natural alcohol free iron supplement. Dosing instructions are below!) A Droppersful = Bulb Squeeze = Approximately 30 drops of liquid tincture. Glass tube will only be partially filled with the tincture. You can put the tincture into your favorite beverage or just squirt the anemia supplement for women under your tongue and then swallow.
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