6L Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser for Large Small Dogs and C...

6L Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser for Large Small Dogs and C...

6L Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser for Large Small Dogs and Cats WiFi APP Portion Control, Voice Recorder, Programmable Timer for up to 8 Meals per Day

  • Adjustable Bowl Heights The raised Pet feeder measures 14.8"(L)X10.2"(W)X16.1"(H),with the special lock knob,the height of the bowls can be adjusted freely and easily from 3.8" to 14.2"!This is one elevated pet feeder stand for all life stages!Adjustable heights make it perfectly accommodate small,medium and large dogs,cats,or any other 4-legged fellow!No need to buy multiple diner feeders of different heights for pets of any size!It will grow with your dogs from puppyhood to their adult years
  • Two Stainless Steel Bowls Each elevated dogs and cats bowl stand set comes with two high-capacity removable stainless steel bowls (6.8" in diameter and 2" in height) for pets eating and drinking at same time!100% stainless steel materials is considered as one of the most sanitary and hygienic materials for making bowls!Special lock system on the bowl holder to keep the bowls stay firmly in place and prevent noises while feeding,offer your pet a quiet and comfortable feeding environment
  • Sturdy H-Shaped Metal Structure The heavy-duty metal food and water bowls with stand adopts multi-process anti-rust procedure to increase the lifetime drastically!It’s scratch-resistant,sturdy H-shaped structure providing a higher strength-to-weight advantage than most other feeders,making the stand stay firmly in place.The bottom of the stand is equipped with 4 non-slip rubber foot pads to not only prevent the stand from tipping and skidding,but also prevent the floor from being scratched
  • Healthy and Comfortable Feeding Environment Elevated feeding stations do more than just feed your pet,they create a health dinning environment by allowing your dog to eat in a more natural standing position.Elevated pet food dish will keep the head above the stomach which make the food spread more effectively along the digestive tract,promote digestion,reduce gastrointestinal problems such as bloat.In addition,the comfortable height will reduce strain on neck,leg joints,spine and back muscles
  • Improving Overall Health Suspended bowls elevate food and water off the floor and away from places where dirt thrives,provide your furry friends a clean and safe feeding environment!This double elevated bowls and stand is the best choice for elder pets or those with back or neck problems,it aIds in encouraging an ergonomically correct dinning posture,improving the body alignment of your dog or cat,preventing them from developing neck&spine problems,improving overall health
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