3 Pack Hikari Cichlid Gold Floating Pellets Large, 8.8-Ounce

3 Pack Hikari Cichlid Gold Floating Pellets Large, 8.8-Ounce

(3 Pack) Hikari Cichlid Gold Floating Pellets Large, 8.8-Ounce

  • PROTEIN RICH FISH FOOD: High Quality Koi Food and Nutrition Special High Protein 42% Mixed Vitamin A E C D B, Granular Aquarium Fish Feed Added a High Concentration Of Spirulina & Good Smell to Stimulate the Fish Appetite. (Can use for Goldfish too).
  • HEALHY FISH FOOD: SAKURA KOI You can see the difference in just 14 days of usage. From thin Body to Fat & Big Muscle Body, Good Health, Very Fast Growth up more 2-3 inch (5-8 cm.) in just 30 days. It enhances the color Beautifully & make them Shine.
  • CLEAR WATER FORMULA: (**TEST RESULTS OF THE 15000+ FISH @ THAILAND FISH FARM**) SAKURA KOI has Microorganism Probiotics for Good HEALTH and CLEAR water aquarium.
  • COLOR ENHANCER: Size 2 MM. SAKURA KOI Floating Fish Food Pellets are Insoluble in water, Promote Healthy fish, Beautiful Colors Enhancer. Do not cause waste or sediment in water and improves the quality of water for longer duration.
  • FAST GROWTH: Feed 3-4 times daily with SAKURA KOI (FAST BIG BODY, BIG MUSCLE & MORE FAT) *GUARANTEED With Grand Champion Award, The best fish food award from Thailand KOI Fish Festival 2019, At the best fish farm chosen & Use.*
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