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-8% Real Mushrooms RealClarity Brain Supplement Mushroom Powder Capsu...

Real Mushrooms RealClarity Brain Supplement Mushroom Powder Capsules - Mushroom Supplement for Mental Clarity, Focus, Cognition, Daily Immune Support - Organic Lions Mane Capsules w Ashwagandha, 60ct

  • Optimum Brain Boost & Immune Support Supplement: Reap the full benefits of Lion Mane mushroom as you brave through your hectic schedule with this immune support and brain supplements. Promoting cognitive and digestive wellness, RealClarity is at a notch above your typical mushroom powder capsules, thanks to its supplement herbs, an 8:1 concentration of lions mane and high levels of bioactives.
  • Powerful Ingredients Ready for Absorption: Our brain booster and immunity supplement and its accompanying adaptogenic herbs went under dual extraction--a method that allows your body to quickly absorb the benefits of our organic mushroom capsules. Paired up with a patented Ashwagandha extract, these organic lions mane capsules wield the power of the supplement’s namesake to help immune system support and healthy cognitive function.
  • Organic Immune Support & Brain Focus Supplements for the Unstoppable: This brain focus mushroom complex packs beta-glucans, an active beneficial compound that works to support your nervous and immune system, while priming your white blood cells. And unlike other organic mushroom powder capsules, RealClarity has measured levels of beta-glucans verified by 3rd party laboratories, with >10% beta glucans in each mushroom capsule serving
  • Brain Vitamins for Natural Energy and Focus, Good for 60 Days Each bottle contains 60 capsules of mushrooms immune support & herbs for immune system, allowing you to prioritize your wellness and vitality everyday. All our organic lions mane capsules are manufactured in the USA in GMP-certified facilities. Quite notably, the organic Ashwagandha supplement in our mushroom powder capsules boast the highest concentration of withanolide glycosides to help improve stress tolerance & sleep quality
  • Value Beyond a Bottle: Real Mushrooms prides itself in producing organic mushroom blend capsules that are unlike rival mushrooms supplements, loaded with fillers like grains & added preservatives. Aside from 100% organic lion’s mane, our brain health & natural energy supplement harnesses the power of herbs such as Rhodiola root extract with 1% rosavins for mental & physical endurance; and Bacopa with 20% bacosides, designed to support mood, memory & concentration
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