UniM Natural Ingredients Instant Black Hair Dye Shampoo Semi-Perm...

UniM Natural Ingredients Instant Black Hair Dye Shampoo Semi-Perm...

UniM Natural Ingredients Instant Black Hair Dye Shampoo Semi-Permanent Black Hair Color 5/10 Packs (5Pack Black)

Why Choose our black Hair Dye Shampoo
●Are you become increasingly fed up with white&grey hair?
●Do you want to change a more beautiful hair color but you have to give in expensive cost and the fear of damaging your hair?
A. Try our product- amazing instant hair dye shampoo would meet all your needs!
B. Because it is easier to use, cheaper than going to hair salon, safer than other product!
C. There is no need visiting hair salon costly.
D. Just a package of this product and 5-10 minutes, you will own shiny beautiful color for more than 30 days!
E. Not only it won't damage your hair, but will strengthen it and repair the damage!

Product Name: instant hair dye shampoo
Color: black

1.Please keep the hair in dry condition.
2.Wear the disposable glove correctly.
3.Please stir the cream in a small container.
4.Apply dye cream on your hair with a comb including the hair root.
5.After about 20 minutes,rinse hair using running water(avoiding of using shampoo).
6.After washing thoroughly, dry your hair with a air blower.

1.Allergy-test: Apply the dye on the post ear and wait for about 48 hours, if you have the symptoms such as itching or becoming red,please stop using it.
2.Protection measures:Before using it, apply facial cream or olive oil around your face to make it easier to wash the dye on your face.
3.In the several days, if some rash or swollen symptom appear, please stop using it and consult doctor.
  • ❤ Instant and Safe Dye -Just need a pack of this amazing instant hair dye shampoo, you will have a lustrous or beautiful Blackhair color in a few minutes which can last more than 30 days.
  • ❤Easy To Use: There is no need going to hair salon, what you have to do is wearing the disposable glove and apply the hair dye on your wet hair, after massaging for 5-10 minutes, and rinse well with water and then you will have shiny black you like.
  • ❤ Be Farewell To White&Grey Hair: Be sick of white and grey hair which is a sign of age, what you need is just this amazing instant hair dye shampoo. Just after a few minutes, you will return to youth.
  • ❤ Convenient and Cheap: Instead of paying a huge of fortune on hair dye in hair salon which will cost long time at the same time, you can dye hair at home easily and quickly whenever you like and cost less money.
  • ❤ Quality Guarantee: We offer all-respect after-sale service, you can contact us when meeting any problem.If our product doesn't meet your needs, please connect our custom service, we will solve your question to the best of our ability.
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